Pistol Belts

I can’t emphasize this enough.… If you choose to carry a handgun on a regular basis (openly or concealed), spend a little money and get a purpose built gun belt. You’ll be far more likely to actually carry all the time if you have a properly designed belt.

My favorite is the black Nexbelt above because it has a fast, ratchet-like buckle adjustment which makes putting a holster on and taking it off very quick. It also provides a wider range of adjustment than a standard belt with established holes. Most importantly, however, is the stiffness of the belt. These belts carry the weight of your gun much better than a standard belt. The leather Magpul belt above has a stiff plastic liner sewn to the leather to create the rigidity. There are many other brands with similar construction and features, and, much like holsters, shop around and find what works for you.

Just like I wouldn’t recommend using a flimsy nylon holster with a thumb strap as a carry holster, I won’t recommend a flimsy belt that doesn’t hold your holster in place and carry the weight. If you carry, comfort is important. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t carry. Buy a decent belt and don’t be a sheep.


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