Dry-fire Training. I tell everyone that takes a class that dry-fire practice is one of the best ways to increase confidence and build on competence. It costs nothing but a bit of time and forces us to properly execute the fundamentals of shooting. So…no excuses….Take 15 minutes today and improve your skills through dry-fire training!

License to Carry Class

Great LTC class today and I enjoyed meeting great people. Texas LTC class is just one step responsible gun owners can take to protect themselves and their families. Practice and training are critical to improving our skills and becoming more proficient gun owners. For the 8 million+ new gun owners in the country, I highly encourage you to take a firearms course and improve your skill set!

Back to Training

Now that the crazy cold weather is gone and the power is back on, it’s time to get back to training. Basic Pistol and License to Carry are the most popular classes right now. For the millions of new gun owners, I can’t encourage you enough to take a course and learn the safe and proper way to use your new handgun. I have the next several courses listed on the homepage and more on the calendar page. Take a look and sign up for one that works for you. If I don’t have a class when you want one, please let me know and I’ll schedule one for you.

LTC class

Glad I could hold a class upon request today for a Soldier and his wife from Ft Hood. It’s nice to stay engaged with Soldiers even though I’m retired. It’s also an advantage to hold a class whenever someone wants one outside of the regularly scheduled classes. They both shot well and I enjoyed having them out!

Contact me directly if you need a class and we’ll get it scheduled!

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