Good Instructor? Do your homework before taking a firearms course.

I’ve never been one to brag about myself and I’ve always been one to want to improve and get better. I’ve also been around the shooting sports and firearms long enough to know that I provide better training than most of the instructors out there. That’s not to say there aren’t many GREAT instructors who have done this longer than me and are better than me (both with their instruction and shooting prowess), but there are a LOT of instructors out there that have a lot to learn. My competition shooting and military backgrounds, especially my time as the Battalion Commander of the Army Marksmanship Unit, provided me a tremendous opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the shooting sports that many other instructors lack.

When I got both my NRA Rifle and Pistol instructor certifications and my Texas License to Carry and School Safety instructor certifications, I was pretty shocked with a lot of the candidates in attendance. More than just a few could not meet the qualification requirements and many did not appear to have much, if any, experience presenting and teaching material to a group of people. How can you teach a skill you can’t adequately explain to others nor perform yourself?

It’s also important to know your clients, know their goals and be able to provide the service they are looking for. I pride myself on providing personalized firearms training and it’s why I keep my classes small. I saw an organization close to me that “limits” their LTC class to the first 40 people! Wholly smokes, I’d love to have 40 people knocking on my door every weekend to take a class with me, but there’s no way they get the individual attention and quality instruction they deserve nor the training they need. I realize my location may not be the most convenient, but I’m confident that people have found (or will find) my classes and the environment I provide, to be better than most other facilities. Indoor ranges are nice when it’s really hot or really cold, but let’s be honest, they are ridiculously loud and it is difficult to communicate on the line, even to small groups. This is especially not the environment in which a new shooter will feel comfortable.

Small classes, great location, personal attention….I’m confident you will have a good experience with me so check out my classes or get with me for private training.

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