Should I still get my License To Carry (LTC)?

People ask this question a lot more ever since Texas passed permitless or “Constitutional Carry” last summer. Since then, additional states passed similar versions of permitless carry and the current count is 25. Whenever someone asks me if they should still get the LTC, I always say “yes”. Not because I’m looking to fill my next class, but because the average citizen does not take the time to read the laws. As gun owners, we must understand the law and be responsible gun owners.

Top 3 reasons

There are several significant reasons why getting your LTC is beneficial. First is Reciprocity. You can carry in 35 other states with a Texas License to Carry; 10 more than have Constitutional Carry (CC). Additionally, not all CC states allow for non-residents to carry. These reciprocal agreements are formal recognition between states.

A second reason to get the LTC is that you no longer have to undergo an additional background check when purchasing a firearm from a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. Additionally, many private party sellers (at a gunshows or through other advertised means) prefer or require that you have a LTC. This very reasonable requirement shows the seller you are “vetted” and not a prohibited person. The LTC serves as your background check.

Third, the LTC gives you additional legal protection in the event of an honest mistake. For example, if LTC holder mistakenly carries passed a 30.06 or 30.07 sign, is told to leave, and immediately departs the prohibited location, they have a defense to prosecution. Unlicensed carry passed a 30.05 sign does not have the same forgiveness.

Additional reasons for the License to Carry

The federal “Gun Free School Zones” do not apply to a LTC holder. Federal Law prohibits guns within 1000 feet of schools. If you have your LTC, this does not apply. However, if you choose Constitutional Carry, have a gun in your car, and pick up your child at school, you are breaking the law!

Training. As a gun owner, our training should never end! I can almost guarantee you will learn something during the classroom portion of the LTC course. Laws constantly change and we must stay informed. Ignorance is no excuse.

Having the LTC is almost always positive when dealing with Law Enforcement. The police have an incredibly difficult job and as a responsible citizen, I want to make their job as easy as possible. Traffic stops are the most common encounter with LE and immediately notifying them that you have a firearm and your LTC tends to put them more at ease. Again, they know you’ve been vetted.

I could go on with many more reasons, but you probably won’t read much more! Bottom line, get your LTC. You won’t regret it.

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