Ammo prices and availability

Simple observation, but price and availability of most popular ammo seems to be improving. Price for quality brass 9mm ball ammo online has dropped from the ridiculous $0.80/round range down to $0.40 or less. Steel and aluminum cased ammo even less and prices at Academy are even better. 5.56mm ammo stays on for several days. So…hopefully, the worst is passed us and training won’t be so expensive! It will still be a while before things get closer to “normal” levels, but at least things appear to be headed in the right direction.

EOTECH Vudu 1-8x

So I finally got my new EOTECH Vudu 1-8 precision rifle scope today. Very happy, but getting a new optic often comes with a downside…call it the “scope shuffle”. I use the word “downside” loosely in that replacing a scope on one rifle often shifts that scope to a different rifle, and in this case, the addition of a scope to a third rifle that was lacking one. So out to the range we go to get everything zeroed in.

The new scope is great. Super clear glass and I really like the HC3 reticle and the .5MOA illuminated dot. Adjustments are crisp and zeroing out the turrets is quick and easy.

Nice day to shoot a few rounds and get everything zeroed. Keep a look out for future rifle classes! You will enjoy the environment and range.

Pistol Stabilizing Braces

Please take a few minutes to comment on the ATF’s proposal to ban Pistol Braces and reclassify those weapons as Short-barreled Rifles. This redefinition of a rifle will instantly make upwards of 10 million law abiding gun owners into felons and do NOTHING to reduce crime. By the ATF’s own admission, Pistols with braces have only been used TWICE in mass shootings. 2 out of 10 million+. This isn’t about reducing guns in the hand of criminals. It is only about CONTROL of law abiding citizens. Watch Colion’s video below and share with everyone. Comment on the ATF’s proposed rule and contact your senators.

First Shots Handgun Event

Join us Saturday, July 3rd for a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) First Shots Handgun event. The class starts at 9:00am, lasts approximately 4 hours and is designed for new handgun owners or those interested in learning how to shoot. Class instruction covers safe firearms handling, an introduction to handguns and a session on the range. Your $40 registration includes the use of a .22LR pistol, ammunition, instructional materials and a T-Shirt from Sheepdog Marksmanship Training. We provide refreshments, but feel free to bring your own lunch. Limited to 6 participants so sign up soon. Share the flyer below with your friends and family. Sign up today and Register Here!

Constitutional Carry summary.

Here’s a great summary of the final Texas Constitutional Carry bill. This is a very positive move for our 2A rights! That said, I still think it’s smart to get your LTC….benefits of LTC include reciprocity with additional states (also, not all Constitutional Carry states allow non-residents to carry under their laws), expedited firearms purchases from dealers (no additional background check), campus carry limited to LTC holders only, and some additional legal protections. Please share this link.

HB 1927 Final Version: What does it say?

Accuracy drills

I always like to start a training session first with dry-firing and then move into accuracy drills/dot drills. Proper sight alignment and perfect trigger control are critical to achieving consistent accuracy on target.

I continue to train with my new Sig P365XL and am quite impressed with it. Two 5 shot groups at 3, 7, and 15 yards. I can tighten things up at 15, but not bad for a micro compact pistol.

Constitutional Carry in Texas

It appears that the Texas House and Senate conference committee has finally fixed the problems that existed in the bill and it will now head to Gov Abbott for his signature. Great win for the 2nd Amendment! That said, I still strongly recommend people obtain their License to Carry. Two main reasons: reciprocity with non Constitutional Carry states (you’ll be able to carry in 36 states vs 20 if I remember the numbers off the top of my head) and simplified purchases of new firearms from FFLs (Your LTC serves as your NICS background check). A third reason is that training is almost always a good thing.

Statement on Constitutional Carry Heading to Governor’s Desk

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