Sig P365XL

I’ve been carrying a Glock for a LONG time and in recent years, settled on the G43 with extra magazine for my daily carry. Comfortable, easy to shoot, Glock reliability, etc. A good gun to carry. A while back, I shot the Sig P365 and liked it, but didn’t really consider it as an alternative carry gun. Recently I shot one again along with the 365XL. I was super impressed with the XL’s feel and felt that it was super easy to shoot. The gun points well and felt recoil is less than the G43 (and also the Springfield Hellcat) IMO. So I bought the P365XL and now use it as my daily carry. In addition to the above, I increased my round count from 15 rounds in the G43 (previously added +1 base pads for 7 round magazines) to 28 rounds in the Sig (12+1 and a 15 rounder). The best part is, all this comes in essentially the same size footprint (yes, the 365XL is bigger, but negligible).

G43 left, P365XL right

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