Constitutional Carry in Texas

It appears that the Texas House and Senate conference committee has finally fixed the problems that existed in the bill and it will now head to Gov Abbott for his signature. Great win for the 2nd Amendment! That said, I still strongly recommend people obtain their License to Carry. Two main reasons: reciprocity with non Constitutional Carry states (you’ll be able to carry in 36 states vs 20 if I remember the numbers off the top of my head) and simplified purchases of new firearms from FFLs (Your LTC serves as your NICS background check). A third reason is that training is almost always a good thing.

Statement on Constitutional Carry Heading to Governor’s Desk

One thought on “Constitutional Carry in Texas

  1. Amen. Any reduction in infringements on our God given rights is a good thing. Good training is also a good thing. I got my (then) CHL and carried for 4 years without training. After reading about a local man who defended his family and home, I took a class just to hear this man speak. During this class, I learned that I did not know what I did not know about using a handgun in self defense. I embraced my lack of knowledge and skill, determined to overcome that lack. Along the way, I have learned my limitations, improved my skills and knowledge, and validated my gear.

    It is human nature to think we are better than we are. To know and validate requires observation and correction by a qualified instructor using scoring and time limits. This is training. Another measure is competition such as USPSA. The stress of preforming to a scoring standard, under time and rules constraints, while everyone is watching is perhaps the closets we can get to are gunfight without being shot at. Know your limitations. Work to improve. Test yourself and your gear.

    Be safe and carry.

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